How to Become a Brand Ambassador

Infographic asking "What is a Brand Ambassador" and showing "loving a product" + Sharing with Others = Brand Ambassador

Have you ever wondered “How Can I become a Brand Ambassador?”

Then you’re not alone. Because every day people just like yourself are asking this question. Some want to because they simply think it’s cool (not a very great reason) and others want to because they truly love something and want to tell others (a GREAT reason). Keep reading to find out more about being a Brand Ambassador and everything that it means to be one.


Are you great at taking photos?

Maybe you’re the person that all your friends and family reach out to for advice on what’s “on trend”?

If you love sharing all about that cool new purchase you just made or spreading the word about a super cool product you’ve seen then it’s likely you’re already acting as a brand ambassador in an informal capacity. Because a being a brand ambassador just means that you are actively sharing how much you love a particular brand and their products. You just may not be doing it yet as a formal “Brand Ambassador”

Infographic asking "What is a Brand Ambassador" and showing "loving a product" + Sharing with Others = Brand Ambassador

In a more formal relationship, a Brand Ambassador is defined more as someone who has established a relationship with a brand to share information about that brand with those who follow you on social media and even in real life. And a person isn’t limited to being a Brand Ambassador for just one brand or company. Often times a person or influencer may work with multiple brands that they believe in.

What is a company or brand looking for in a Brand Ambassador?

Well, it’s hard to say what that answer is for every brand. Some companies may only work with “influencers” or those who have very large numbers of followers. These brands will often be very specific on what and how you post their products. They may even tell you exactly what they want you to do. While other companies may require that you spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on their products, and even make you recruit your friends and family, in order to become a “Brand Ambassador” for them. (Avoid these types of companies, because they are often associated with multi-level marketing MLM schemes or worse.)

What should you look for when trying to find a company to become a Brand Ambassador for?

The most important thing is that you believe in the company’s product and their mission. If you’re going to be sharing photos and information with your friends, families, and even strangers about this company then you should definitely be sure that you really believe in what they do and what they offer.

The next thing to look for is what their requirements are? As stated above, this can vary greatly. But just be sure that you understand what those requirements are before you spend your time applying to become a brand ambassador. If a company requires you have 100,000 followers on social media and you only 1,000 then you should probably be looking at another brand until you are at the level that brand requires.

You also need to make sure that you can comply with a brand’s posting requirements. Some companies have strict requirements on a scheduled posting schedule and may require that you get approval before posting anything that they are tagged in.

Other considerations you should think about if you want to become a Brand Ambassador.

Will the company you will be spending your time telling others about  offering anything to you in return. Many people can become very excited when accepted to become a brand ambassador for a company without taking into consideration that they are also offering something valuable to the company they are being an ambassador for. If you are putting in the time to take great photos of their products and share that with others then you should be receiving something in return. Most of the time that will be a discount on the product for yourself. And sometimes that can even include the ability to make money from what you’ve recommended to your followers by having them use a code or other form of order tracking. You then earn a commission (around 5% and sometimes even up to 15%) on those sales.

If becoming a Brand Ambassador is something you’re interested in, you think you would do a great job at, and you’re ready to take it on then you should definitely reach out to your favorite brand!

If you’re interested in become a Brand Ambassador for Foldi Shades then visit to apply. Foldi Shades offers ethically crafted & Instagram worthy handmade lighting and pendant light shades. The above link has several FAQ’s available that tell more about becoming an Ambassador as well as the perks and benefits you’ll receive as one.

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