How to make your Foldi Shade

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To make a wrinkle free Foldi Shade follow these exact instructions:

  • Blow up the balloon until it fully expands outside of the shade. as in, reeeallly blow it up. (We sent 2 balloons, just in case one pops!)
  • Twist the balloon and hold it with fingers or a clothes pin but DO NOT tie it yet.
  • Completely saturate the shade with water, especially where it has been folded. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use a sink spray nozzle or a shower head. You really want the shade saturated to release the fold marks. (It CANNOT be too wet.)
  • After spraying, and before tying the balloon, blow into the balloon again to make sure it has fully expanded. This will guarantee a wrinkle-free shade. The act of spraying the shade with water causes the balloon to constrict. Therefore, you must blow it back up to keep the balloon pushing out against the shade. (We’ve created hundreds of shades this exact way with zero creases every time.)
  • Lightly spray down the shade once more, and tie the balloon.
  • Tie a string to the knot on the balloon. Tie the other side of the string so that the shade is hanging and not resting on anything. Let dry.
  • Drying time is usually around 12 hours. It can take as much as 24 hours during the winter, or as short as an hour, if hung outside in the sun during the summer. (*Do Not put it in a cold room or the balloon will shrink and the shade will wrinkle.*)
  • Make sure the balloon is completely dry everywhere, then pop the balloon
  • How to use the wooden mounting piece. This should be placed over the top of your socket. It will slide around the cable and allow your shade to rest on it.

That’s it – Enjoy your Foldi Shade!!!

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