Introducing Foldi Shades – Pendant Light Shades with a Mission

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I’m extremely excited today to introduce you to Foldi Shades: A brand new line of Handmade and Fair Trade Certified pendant light shades.

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These are more than just amazing lampshades for pendant lights, they are a way to support families and a traditional lifestyle. You see, each of these shades is made by a Thai craftsperson in their home instead of a factory. This way the human making your shade is guaranteed a safe working environment, a living wage and the ability to stay close to their family during the day. With Foldi Shades there are no factories, no leaving home, and no underpaid wages.

That’s what being Fair Trade Certified is all about, and that’s why I’m proud to offer and be a part of what Foldi Shades represents. Humanity, fair treatment, and a living wage for all. Each of these is something I fully support, and I hope you will support as well.

In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing a lot more from us here at Foldi Shades. You’ll find more tips, more photos of our lights and shades, and more ways to showcase your Foldi pendant light shades. We’ll also be introducing you to our complete line of lighting and bulbs. Because not only will we be offering these fantastic pendant light shades with a purpose, we’ll also be introducing our line of handmade in the U.S.A (Memphis, TN that is) ceiling pendant lights and plug-in pendant lights.

I’m excited for the future. And I can’t wait to share all of these products that I personally feel are quite wonderful.

– Jami

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