Foldi Plug-in Pendant Bundle

This bundle has EVERYTHING you need in one box


If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to create Instagram worthy lighting in your space, while also saving money, then you should go with our Foldi Shade Plug-in Pendant Bundle.

With this combo, you get EVERYTHING you need shipped straight to you. This plug-in pendant light bundle includes everything below:


The round Foldi Shade was recently named the best round shaped lampshade in the world by a leading design publication, these pendant light shades are everything you want for modern lighting. Each is individually crafted and handspun by artisans. And our commitment to them being Fair Trade Certified means that these are handmade by craftspeople in their homes who are ethically treated and guaranteed a fair wage for their work. These are NOT mass produced in a factory.


Our Foldi Plug-in Pendant lights are all handmade in the United States. We use the highest quality cloth covered wire available in the world to make these plugin pendants. Unlike other plugin pendants the cables on these don’t have unsightly kinks that you just can’t get out. There just isn’t a better plugin pendant made anywhere in the world.

All of our plugin pendants are made to work with LED bulbs and have double ferrules (aka rings) on the sockets to securely hold your round Foldi Shade in place. They also include a built-in on/off switch that is located 2 feet from the plug.


These hooks and fairleads are stylish ways to hang your plugin light from your ceiling as well as attach your cable securely to your walls.


We’ve selected these G25 & G40 SIZE globe shaped LED bulbs to work perfectly with your Foldi Shade. Lasting 15,000 hours these Matte White finish bulbs are made from hand blown glass and are the best bulbs available anywhere. Their 2700K color temperature means you’ll get a fantastic glow.

  • 1 Foldi Shade in your choice of size & color (S:$99; L:$149; XL:$179 values)
  • 1 of our 16 feet long Handmade plug-in pendant lights made with all white components and luxury Italian cloth covered wire, comes with inline on/off switch located 2′ from the plug end. ($99 Value)
  • 1 of our white V style swag hooks to hang your plugin pendant light from your ceiling ($4 value)
  • 2 of our white fairleads to hold your plugin pendant light secure on your wall ($8 value)
  • If you select any size Round Foldi Shade or the size Small Dome Foldi Shade in your Kit then we include 1 Bulb Statement MATTY 25 handblown glass LED light bulb ($11 value)
  • If you order any Large or Extra Large Dome Foldi Shade then we include 1 Bulb Statement MATTY 40 handblown glass LED light bulb ($25 value)

Additional information

Fodi Shade Size

S – 10 inches in diameter, L – 14 inches in diameter, XL – 16.5 inches in diameter

Foldi Shade Shape


Foldi Plug-In Pendant

16 Feet long


Bundles come with all pieces shipped in one box




Man-made Fiber

Water Resistant


Assembly Required


Lightbulb Included

– All Round Foldi Shade Bundles and the Small Dome Foldi Shade Bundle comes with the MATTY 25 dimmable LED light bulb.

– The Large and XL Dome Foldi Shade Bundles come with the MATTY 40 dimmable LED light bulb.

Foldi Bulb Size

– The Matty 40 by Bulb Statement is 5 inches in diameter
– The Matty 25 by Bulb Statement is 3.125 inches in diameter

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Free Us shipping on all orders over $39
90-Day money back guarantee
Fair trade certified
Built to last 15 years

What's inside

Buy and you will get:


Your choice of Foldi Shade


One 12' long Handmade Plug-in Pendant Light


One white ceiling hook and two white wall mount fairleads


One light bulb made just for your shade style

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The Foldi Shades Guarantee

All Foldi products are backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

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