Which Foldi Shade is Right for You

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Choosing which color Foldi Shade you want to add to your home can be tough!  There are so many exciting colors and shapes that it can be hard to determine which one is the perfect shade for  you.  Well do not worry because we have a few tips to help you out!


The first step is to look around the space and figure out your color scheme.  What accent colors do you have?  Check appliances, paintings, candles, and pillows.  Are there some common colors that run throughout?  That is a great place to start! Next is to determine whether you want this lampshade to act as an accent color or to add some nice ambiance.  If you want an accent color, we recommend choosing the boldest color from your home color palette!  If you want something a little more subtle, choose a neutral color such as our beige or cream.  


The next step is the shape.  Do you have a lot of light in the room and you are hoping to add a cozier vibe?  Or do you want a stunning shade that can also add a little bit more light to your space.  If you said yes to the first question we recommend the round shape.  It is the perfect statement piece to add some elegance to your home.  If you are hoping to add some extra lighting over a table top or reading nook, go for the Dome Shape!  It adds the same coziness but with the added benefit of the light from the bottom. 


Oh!  We forgot to mention the best part!  These affordable shades could not be easier to swap out.  If you want to change to match the season or want to repaint, we have you covered!  All you have to do is get the shade off the mounting piece and replace it with the new one.  You don’t even need a screwdriver!


Designing a room can be overwhelming, but Foldi Shades are always going to be the perfect addition!  With so many shapes and colors you really cannot go wrong.  If you don’t know where to start, feel free to reach out to us!  We would love to help you any step of the way!


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